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Kirmuss-Anderson is a supplier of OEM and aftermarket smart iNTELLi Batteries & Chargers for the Two Way Radio Communications Industry. Providing higher capacity, smart iNTELLi capability with a longer warranty.

Advanced Battery test equipment, Battery Analyzers and Conditioning Chargers. This includes QuickSort that tests high capacity Lithium-ion batteries in 4 minutes.

Designs, engineers and markets a unique line of Mobile and Fixed station RF Communications Antennas with a key focus on maximizing antenna value. They have resolved decades of poor SWR performance, broken whips, bandwidth deficiencies,intermittent contacts, and corroded parts, by applying better design!

As the pioneering developer and manufacturer of GPS Time and Frequency systems, FEI-Zyfer offers both commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom designs to meet our customer requirements for precise time and frequency references. Our engineering expertise in both oscillator and system design ensures that our customers are provided with the most reliable and accurate systems available. (Southern CA & Southern NV only)

An industry leader in designing and manufacturing wireless signal enhancement systems such as Bi-Directional Amplifiers and Tower Mounted Amplifiers for outdoor/indoor, Public Safety/LMR systems for private, Government and Military applications. (Southern CA & Southern NV only)

Land Mobile analog & digital (IDAS) products are designed for government, industry, and business use. Two-Way Radio Communications for police, fire,and other public safety agencies (P25), as well as for security, construction, retail, and other industries.Products range from small hand-held radios, to complete communications systems.

30+ years experience in the console industry, best features from various sources to make them better and created the Mindshare suite of VOIP Dispatch Console Systems. MAXplus Dispatch Processor,console GUI and card cage Radio Interface design. (Southern CA & Southern NV only)

Leading provider of Antenna and RF conditioning products, systems and coverage solutions for public safety, defense and private wireless networks.Industry leading expertise in all aspects of antenna and filter manufacturing.

Remote Site Monitoring, Alarming and Control Solutions to optimize system reliability and performance, cost containment, system wide visibility, proactively respond to alarms, save time in system admin and tracking trends.

High Quality, value-added and user friendly NTP Servers with GPS technology, Power Over Ethernet (POE) and WiFi digital clock displays. (Southern CA & Southern NV only)

LMR® Flexible Communications Coax, LMR® LLPL Plenum Rated UL/CSA, nu-TRACTM Triaxial Antenna Cable, high quality connectors and Silverline Test Cables. Times Protect lightning Protection line of products.
(Southern CA & Southern NV only)